How to Avoid Quitting

by Roscoe


When things are getting more difficult and you do not know what to do anymore, the easiest thing to do for most people is to quit. Quitting is so much easier than facing the uncertainties and difficulties that lie ahead. When you pretend to be strong, you can be proven wrong and face greater danger. If you persist and go forward, there are more chances for you to make mistakes that you will regret, it is often better to just stay away. When you quit, you can look back and stay on your comfort zone where things will be safe, where you are sure that nothing will go wrong. People choose to quit because life is too scary to fight forward, but you should not always find comfort in quitting and taking that quick exit.


The Cowardice in Quitting


When you are in a situation when something suddenly goes wrong, you will assess things first and see how you are able to deal with it. When things are looking desperate and you are no longer sure of how things are going to be, it is normal for people to succumb to cowardice and just walk away. It does not matter how much you have invested on something. It does not matter if you have wasted a lot of time, when things go wrong, you want to be able to save yourself or whatever is left of yourself, so you walk away. Quitting is tantamount to cowardice because you are not strong enough to see things through. You are too scared to fight for what you have set yourself to do.


Signs of a Quitter


There is nothing wrong with being afraid but you should not let your fears overcome you. Man has the natural instinct to pull away from danger without fully admitting to be a quitter. It is not good for you to be a quitter because quitting does not take you anywhere. So you have to spot early signs of quitting, so that you can deal with it effectively:


  • Always making an excuse not to do things. Quitters avoid things that are unknown and unfamiliar to them. They find comfort in things that they are sure of, but instead of saying “no”, they will often just present you with an excuse. In time these excuses will be the only things you will hear; and if you have the habit of making said excuses, then you could be a quitter and you need help.
  • Low self-esteem. Quitters are so because they do not believe they can. They see the situation and immediately see themselves incapable, so they will turn it down and reject it. They are afraid to be confronted by a situation they cannot handle, so instead of facing it, they will just walk away.


Fighting Not to Quit


Quitting is the easiest thing to do but it is not exactly what you ought to be doing. Just because it is the simplest solution, does not mean it is the one that you should take. Life is tough and it could get tougher. If you quit today, on the first obstacle you see, you will meet more roadblocks on the way and it will not be easy. Life is tough and can be more complicated; but you should not find comfort in quitting. You deserve your dreams and goals and you will not get there if you quit whenever there are challenges. So the next time you feel frightened, push through and take that step forward. Fight not to quit because as they say: “Quitters never win!”



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