Success In Anything Is A Result Of Consistent And Deliberate Action!

Success never happens by accident! You must deliberately do things that put you in position to be successful. I help individuals and organizations position themselves for success through personal development with leadership mindset and entrepreneurial passion.

The 3 High Impact Skills for Success

Obtaining the results and desires you want will require some effectiveness in the 3 High Impact Skill areas.

Watch the short video below to get an overview of these essential skills.

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Roscoe Hunter

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There is a epidemic of sorts in the U.S. and global economy…. 70% of people are not engaged in the work they perform in their organizations.

A lack of engagement equates to poor work performance, poor customer service, low motivation and little to no innovation. All of this equals stagnate careers and shrinking profits that are negatively affecting all of us in some way.

Development on a personal level is critical to career advancement and increased profits. I have developed a system to dramatically increase engagement and personal leadership skills for the individual employee and middle manager – The 3 High Impact Skills for Success!  

Reach your professional and business goals through personal development, leadership mindset, and entrepreneurial passion training and coaching.


% of Un-Engaged Workers in the U.S.


Billions of $ Lost by Employee Turnover


% of Managers and Executives Un-Engaged

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This podcast is filled with personal success content relating to Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Development. Having world class experts and topic specific guests that share their knowledge and expertise that will enhance and accelerate your results.

Coaching & Training

Personal Development and Leadership Training is no Longer Optional!

If you don’t Invest in Yourself or Your Employees You WILL Get Left Behind!

Watch This Training Snippet

This is an excerpt from my Lead Where You Are leadership course. This is an introductory training for developing leadership skills that will accelerate your productivitiy through the proper mindset and perspective.

About Me

Experiences & Credentials

For over 25 years I’ve been an entrepreneur, a business leader, and a senior manager with small companies, a fortune 500 company and the federal government. In the private sector I have consistently performed in the top 5% in productivity within several organizations. I have a business degree from Columbia Southern University, graduated Summa Cum Laude, with a minor in Project Management. I’ve been promoted 6 times on 7 jobs I’ve had in my adult life. I’m a certified Project Management Professional and have lead project teams all over the U. S. in the last 15 years. 

Coaching Platforms

Individual and Group Programs Available

Individual Training

Self paced training designed for effectiveness with a built-in note taking system

Leadership Mastermind

This program was especially created for those with potential for leadership

Online Workshops

Online workshops that provide a virtual over the shoulder experience

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a great way to keep costs down and maximize effectiveness

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Sometimes You Just Need a Fresh Set of Eyes…

Sometimes it only takes a few sessions to bring some focus to something that’s hard to see when you’re so deeply involved in the process and have blood, sweat, and tears invested. Consulting can be onsite, online or virtual based on your needs and preference.

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